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2019 Bull Sale - 3rd September 2019

2013 Kidman Team for Show and Sale


Lot 31 -  Kidman Kenny G171

An athletic beautiful skinned Goldrush son who moves exceptionally well structurally sound bull who would be ideal for heifers containing light birthweight bulls throughout his pedigree including Goldrush, Utter Madness and Hustler out of the outstanding Miss Gunn family in which N60 was the dam of Kidman Meninga v79 selling for $25,000 and Kidman Meninga W94 selling for $28,000.



Lot 85 - Kidman Canon G149  

Good son of Kidman Archibald B198 who has bred extremely well at Kidman his cull rate is very low with some outstanding bulls and females being produced. Canon has always stood out from a young age exhibiting a tremendous muscle pattern, balance, good feet, temperament and he really fills out his pants combining tremendous figures. Canon has real Stud Sire potential. 




Lot 127 - Kidman Orbit G163 

Orbit is another Goldrush son who would suit heifers with a well laid in shoulder, also exhibiting softness, length and a good even muscle pattern. Our Eden females have been exceptional.






Lot 135 - Kidman Forrester G150 

A real head turner with Sire appeal Forrester displays power, bone, depth, thickness and a magnificent head. He is a real bull breeder - if you are looking for a bull that will change your herd, Forrester would be the one!





Lot 142 - Kidman Barossa G129 

An outstanding individual showing tremendous length, structure and phenotype. Barossa has always been a standout from a good breeding Meninga w94 daughter.